Wondering Wednesdays #3

Today I’ve decided to share what I am wondering about.

I recently found a free knitting pattern here that I really liked the looks of and decided to try with some of my hand spun yarn. I chose two skeins that co-ordinate, one a dark navy blue, the other the navy plied with a single of gray and light blue.

What I am doing 033

Hand Spun Wool

I’m on row 9 of 21 and I’m wondering how it is going to look? Should I have chosen yarn with more contrast? As you can see from the work on my needles, it’s too crowded on the 32 inch needles to really tell exactly how it will look when finished. So I will keep knitting and maybe try a different color combination for another one. It is a fun pattern.

What I am doing 034

Cowl on needles


And in case you are wondering, here are two hats that I have knitted to felt. I’ll try to remember to post follow-up pictures, after they are felted/shrunk to show what a big difference hot water and agitation can make.

What I am doing 035

brown wide brim hat to felt

What I am doing 036

gold and light brown(mohair &wool) with dark wool band to felt


9 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays #3

  1. That tricolor yarn is simply gorgeous! I’ve been curious about learning to spin myself, but I already have an absurd number of hobbies and not nearly enough time.

    It is a bit bunched and hard to tell there, but I think it’ll come out looking lovely. The solid navy for the edges should tie it all together nicely.


    • Thanks Mama Monkey! Spinning is a lot of fun, but I have a lot of yarn (as well as fiber to spin more) so I’m trying to use at least some of it. I’m over half done now so will post a picture when it’s done!…And I’m living proof, one can never have too many hobbies, just too little space or time to pursue them all:)

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      • I’m looking forward to seeing it all done!

        I fall into the “too little space or time” category, for sure. Also, not nearly enough money, I swear the more popular DIY and crafting become the higher the prices get on supplies and tools.

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