Start of Knitted Hat

I’ve gotten a start on knitting the yarn that I showed you in the last post. The garter stitch brim is finished.

colors are pooling nicely

The brim is finished.

And I’ve started to add the fuzzy for the band.

start of a hat to felt

Brim with beginning of band.

Now is the hard part…I want to wait to have it to work on between customers at the Sat. craft show. (The show is at a seminar so most of our shoppers will be in waves during their breaks.) The way the colors in the yarn are coming together and as soft as the fuzzy yarn is I just want to keep knitting. Guess it’s time to did out a different project!



7 thoughts on “Start of Knitted Hat

  1. Oh you’re doing the brim from the outside to the inside? That’s interesting. I always do it separately and from the inside to the outside. Got to try your way, that looks neat 🙂

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    • Yes, that’s what my pattern calls for and it’s large enough to slip over my head and rest on my shoulders (would make a different kind of collar) but when felted it will go from 4 inches wide to about 2 and 1 half!

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      • I can’t work with patterns. I’m terrible with them changing them the very latest after 10 rows or rounds.

        Also, my gauge is too lose. I usually make my things about 3 sizes too small so they work out just fine ^^ This is why I am reluctant of making things that I can’t judge the size right away.

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      • portapatetcormagis, that is a good talent that you can change things around to get the look/fit that you are going for. I have always followed patterns and am just beginning to change things up to make some of my own.


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