More Challenges

Today is a day of no pictures. I am facing the challenge today of setting up and learning to use a new computer.

No, my other one hasn’t crashed, but I have been using it for about 10 years, with only one major crash in that time. Luckily I was able to have it fixed and save my pictures etc. So we decided that it was time to update.

You may have realized by now that to say I am technically challenged is a huge understatement. I’m sure the very patient Dell tech support person who spent hours walking me through things and doing some of the downloads and connections remotely knows just how much I don’t know!

Now my challenge is to learn how to move all of my pictures from my old computer, plus learn how to use the new picture editor program that I now have. I did move some pictures from my camera, but the dates are wrong on them and I haven’t learned how to put them in proper folders. Also have found the crop function but not how to resize them…’s been a long day, maybe things will be clearer tomorrow! or I may switch my monitor back to the old computer and fix some pictures to load 🙂

Wish me luck! With two keyboards set up right now, I keep trying to type on the wrong one!


9 thoughts on “More Challenges

  1. Just hang in there 🙂
    I usually don’t like new devices and applications. But once I took the time to work my way through them I like them better than the old ones.
    Now go and baffle those support people. You can do it! 🙂

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    • I put it off as long as I dared and am beginning to like the Windows10 but it is going to take a while. My main challenge now is to transfer files from the old and still be able to locate what I need to use….I strongly dislike any type of moving (changing houses or computers!)
      You have a nice weekend too 🙂 It is getting better, just sleeping on it!

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      • Haha! Me too;) I´m really bad at deciding which model, fabrication etc. to take, and of course, it shouldn´t be too pricey. I´m really not looking forward to it. But you´re setting a fine example for me and I will follow your lead:) Take care! xoxo

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    • As a couple I am the tech-savvy one 😦 (when I had to step away from the phone yesterday, my husband held for me, was asked if the printer was turned on, and answered- I don’t know, she’ll be right back 🙂 My daughter is tech-minded but is too far away (and working) to help much! I am beginning to make a little progress 🙂


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