Welcome to Mulch and More Crafts

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Hand Spun Yarn and a Spinning Lady

Mulch and More originated over two decades ago, when I started business by growing an organic herb garden at a local restaurant for the chef at that time. As we started doing more craft shows, the More expanded and in 2008 I finally opened a small on-line shop on Etsy, followed in a few years by my shop on HandmadeArtists.com, a truly handmade only site. Meanwhile our craft show business has been steadily growing, so we decided to expand our name to the web site of MulchandMoreCrafts.com and truly have our own site to share the various aspects of our business and eventually offer a place where one-stop-shopping will be available.

Meanwhile I’m asking for your patience as I slowly learn how to set this up, yes I’m attempting to be a do-it-yourself person here as well.