As Mulch and More Crafts we are a family who have grown up with our unique talents for creating things, each in our own way!

First I would like to introduce my husband, Edwin. He is a self-taught artist and creator of sculptures, using a variety of mediums to achieve his vision. His first public appearance was at the age of 14, when he took his sketch book to a local convention and made many people happy with his life-like sketches. Life got in the way for many years, but he still has his first full size easel and drawing table, and is now ready to pursue his life-long plan of becoming known as the artist he has always been.

Next is our son, Cliff, an artist by heredity, he studied art in school, but has always found his own favorite things to do. He started, early helping me at the craft shows, evolved into doing face painting, and discovered needle felting a few years ago! After learning the basic technique from a local class, he makes a large variety of ornamental heads and full featured art dolls, each with his unique twist of imagination! He has also added more functional items of key-chains, necklaces, and bracelets to his inventory. Who knows what this year will bring?

I learned to spin (from my Mom) at the age of 16, having learned knitting (from my Dad) before that and sewing (on a treadle sewing machine) when about 7 years old. After working for three years in a museum, demonstrating both spinning and weaving, raising a family and working somewhat slowed my crafting life. But it started to come back to me over 30years ago with the purchase of a louet spinning wheel, and I finally started doing craft shows again, slowly as I could work them into my busy schedule. Experimenting with on-line selling, and gradually learning more computer skills, we are now up to about 20+ shows a year. Spinning evolved into also dyeing my own fiber to obtain the colors I wanted, then sharing them with others, and painting some silk scarves (I have the dyes) A few years ago when my daughter no longer had the time to make soy candles, I bought her supplies, and am continuing my playing with colors (and scents) in yet another medium! I’ve always enjoyed the grain patterns in a piece of wood, so wood burning and finishing is just a natural (to me) extension of that. I also needed to show people how well my yarn knits and felts, so felted hats have been added to my inventory….One thing leads to another in crafting, as in life, so we never really know what may be around the next corner.

Come join us as we explore different things in the future…or return to some from the past…this last year I was fortunate enough to have some flax raised for me and to purchase the tools to process it! So with the coming of Spring will be a return to the past! Spinning flax into linen yarn is what I first learned those many years ago. And my husband is getting back into some black light works, similar to what he painted years ago.

ship in progress

ship in progress


ship under black light

ship under black light


23 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I love reading other’s history and yours is amazing! I love how the creativity continues down your family line! Keep it up, this is great!


  2. “Thanks for sharing your story. That’s really awesome!
    Everybody has a talent at something and it’s good to keep it and not to give it up, even if there are some moments in life that don’t allow us to follow our passions. All the best!”


  3. Wow! I am very interested in what your family is doing it sounds very much like what I want to do with my life, would love to see some pictures and good luck on the new year!


  4. What an artistic family. How wonderful. Thanks for liking my post Fear Blocks Personal Growth. I’m sure you and your family have faced many fears as you started and developed your own businesses. There are probably some great inspirations there for others.


  5. I loved reading about your family! Such amazing artists! Thanks so much for checking out my blog as well. I feel like we would be great knitting buddies!

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  6. I love crafting and creating also, great idea to pursue in retirement. Currently too busy with a 3 and 5 year old. Found you through blogging/branding. Wondering if you could make a page with a calendar of your upcoming shows/fairs you will be selling your wares and linking at your about page.
    Really liked the colors you have been dying with!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your interest. After looking at your blog, I can see you really have your hands full. Our retirement plan is something we have long planned for and developed slowly while we were still working 🙂 Yes I love playing with colors!


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