Resolutions or Goals?

Happy New Year!

As the New Year fast approaches, many are busy making resolutions, or reviewing the almost past old year. This year I’ve decided to try a new approach!

To me there is a difference between resolutions and goals.

Resolutions usually involve an abrupt change in behavior (such as losing weight, stopping a bad habit etc.) but doesn’t break these changes into steps or prepare to implement them. It’s just saying that starting New Year’s Day I am going to ………….!

Goals,on the other hand, involve making lists, prioritizing the objectives, listing the steps to meet these objectives, and having incremental ways of measuring how close you are getting to the final goals.

Goals sound like a lot more work, but also more apt to succeed in obtaining the desired result. It’s not an overnight test of will-power that if you fail you quit, but more of an endurance test, to see how close you can come to making permanent changes (in life-style, habits, or business)

As you may have gathered, I have started preparing my business goals for 2016! It is a growing list of sub-topics (or how I plan to achieve these goals),  but most of my actions will be toward these three main headings:

  1. Continue to build web-site
  2. Increase Inventory
  3. Increase Sales
  4. Now I need to get out of this list mode! Maybe I do need to add one more-LEARN MORE computer skills! If anyone can help please leave me a comment and I will edit this to finish it the way I had planned?? I’ll leave it to another day to maybe add some parts of my sub-lists:)