Have You Ever Made a Scrubby?

Have you ever made a scrubby? Or used a scrubby? Or are you wondering what I’m even talking about?

scrubbies ready to use

Some of the many colors of finished scrubbies

A Scrubby is one of those handy crocheted nylon net things that have a ton of uses. Yes the most well known is for washing dishes (without scratching) or scrubbing a sink or tub. But men (and ladies), did you know that they are also great for removing dried bugs from headlights or that a new dry one can remove dust from window screens? Dry, they are also handy for taking the silk off corn-on-the-cob, or wet for scrubbing other vegetables. They have many other uses, but you are beginning to see how useful they can be and why so many people make them.

I have also discovered that not everyone who crochets can make them (I tried to teach my daughter once)…either the net breaks (from too much tension) or it is too rough on the crocheter’s hands.  My mom made single-sided ones when I was growing up, and I occasionally made a few, then a craft show vendor friend explained to me how to make the two-sided ones and I was hooked(pun intended)!

folding nylon net for scrubbies

Several yards of nylon net

cutting strips for scrubbies

Measure and cut into strips

crocheting scrubby

Starting to crochet

Next time you are at a craft show, look at scrubbies, there are many different methods of making them, and everyone has their favorite style. I make three different kinds myself, the standard two-sided ones, some with cotton (think crocheted dish cloth) on one side and scrubby net on the other, and some cotton and nylon combined on a stick (great for reaching into a glass for that stuck-on dried milk 🙂 [I still remember the stitches I had the day a glass broke with my hand inside when using a dishcloth ].

And if you can’t find them, contact me, the regular ones are $2.00 each and not very heavy to ship. (The other styles are $3.00 each) Or contact me if you want help learning to make your own 🙂


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