Show Preparation

Yes, craft show season is approaching, even in the snowy Midwest! I wasn’t planning on doing our first show of the year until April, but received an email and signed up for a small local one that is completely new to me and now less than two weeks away! So I’ve been busy this week getting some things in order.

First was finishing new labels and boxes for my soy candles. I make over 100 different scents, and keeping them in order to display and restock at a show is a must. After finishing that I’ve been completing my spreadsheet for the year, a hand-written way to keep track of what I have, what I make, and of course, what I sell.

Soy candle storage

4 scents to a box=many boxes to haul.

boxes of single soy candles

12 scents to a box, makes for quicker set-up at a show.

We also pulled some of the tables and display racks from the trailer. Since it is still resting in a snow bank, it took a few trips and a sled! Also brought my tote of wood-burned plaques into the house, replaced worn tags, and repacked them ready to go.

This show only has about 20 vendors, so the organizer is limiting each craft to have only one vendor in a category. When I talked to her, she already had a hand spun wool and hat person, so my items are limited to wood burning and soy candles, along with my son’s needle felting. It should be interesting to see how this works, but I will miss having my wheel to demonstrate with.

A few batches of candles to make, more business cards to print, and I think we are ready! Now hoping that enough snow is gone by April to get the trailer out for the next show (that one we get to take our full variety to and that won’t fit in just our vehicle 🙂


11 thoughts on “Show Preparation

  1. If nothing else you’ll get to experience a new show as well as get a “head start” on the upcoming season. Looks like your organizing has come together nicely also!

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    • @ Donna,mostly I use the phylate (spelling?) free fragrance oils. I do make an unscented one for those with allergies (and have used mine to roast marshmallows when we couldn’t have a campfire- no soot on my food 🙂


  2. @ Bruce, Thanks, we’ve been doing shows for over 20 years, but this is the first year I’ve been retired to concentrate completely on business! The 2 shows we’ve done in the past in March I didn’t sign up for since they haven’t been that productive for the last couple of years. We are trying a few new (to us) shows this year, which should be good according to reports from a couple of vendor friends 🙂 But I always look forward to the first show “to shake the cobwebs out” and get ready for the rest.


  3. I’m impressed how organised you are! I do not sell on markets very often but when I do everything is a complete mess for hours – or rather days – before I have set up my booth in a nice way.

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    • Chaos happens here too, but over the years and many lists for last minute things (and a couple of times of forgetting some necessary things) I’m finally learning how to avoid some of the last minute confusion. As long as your set-up looks nice, you’re doing good.
      I’ve learned to leave room for the last minute things, pack so that the things I need first (tents,tables, tablecloths, and dolly) can be accessed before moving everything else, and most of all enjoy the day(s) of interaction with customers and vendors!

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