A Busy Week!

A week ago tonight we were setting up for our first craft show of 2016! It was a garden seminar and the vendors were mainly busy during the student’s breaks. It was a well organized show, but it seemed strange not to have the full assortment that we usually set up. We were limited to needle felting, soy candles, and wood burning, to avoid having  content similar to that of other vendors.  Please excuse the darkness of the pictures. It wasn’t quite that dark in reality.



Saturday, after the show, I finished the magenta hat from last week’s start. It’s now waiting for another one to be finished so both can be felted.

knitted magenta hat

knitting finished, felting next.

Last week a vendor friend and I were lucky enough to make it to an estate sale of a talented fiber artist who passed away last year. With lots of equipment, beautiful finished product, roving, yarns and even a loom, there was lots to look at and still plenty left. The sale will be continuing on Sat’s and by appointment for a while yet. Of course my vehicle was partially loaded for the show, but we squeezed in her purchases and some of mine. HE HAD GRID WALL!  So I had to buy it and make arrangements to pick it up this week. With the pegs and hat hooks I can hardly wait to see the displays we will be able to do this year! Took my husband and son for the man power to load it all on the second (hour plus) trip, but it was worth it. My husband has been painting more canvases so he will now have a wall to display them on, instead of just easels. And we each found a few more goodies as well. And I picked up the sewing machine and another display for my friend (she forgot to get the machine when we were there before) Big cones of yarn for weaving followed me home. One is mohair so I started a knitted cowl, just to see how it would work up, it’s so soft! Can’t wait to do some weaving next!

fluffy mohair

fluffy mohair, almost invisible, but warm.

The rest of the week has been busy with family stuff, getting a leak fixed by my gas tank, printing some prints of finished paintings, and of course more knitting 🙂

kelly green for knitting hat

start of next hat

Have a great week-end everyone. And please let me know what your next projects are? Are you like me and have more than one going at a time?


11 thoughts on “A Busy Week!

  1. You really were busy and productive! I just played around with my wool and I am still sorting out the wool barf. It sits on the other side of the living room watching me reproachfully *sigh*

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    • I’m still smiling over your term “wool barf” 🙂 It so describes what I have going on, only mine is Craft Barf and has invaded a lot of the whole house!
      Unfortunately I need to up my productivity and organization since I have thirty days of shows scheduled and that isn’t counting the days we leave the day before to set up! (Not 30 shows- many are two-four days each!) But that only leaves time for laundry and resting and tending the garden, not making a lot of inventory!…I’m tired just thinking about it!


      • I found the expression wool barf on ravelry.com and have used it ever since. The term really gives the right expression, doesn’t it.
        You know, your plan for the weeks to come even reads exhausting! I guess you need good planning but don’t forget to plan the breaks too. And stick to them 🙂

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  2. Thanks for thinking of my breaks, my break time is either knitting or spinning, or maybe a walk outside. So as long as you see new knitting posted, you’ll know I’m taking breaks 🙂 Candle making and dyeing wool is a little more physical, but I need exercise too!


  3. You’ve been quite productive 🙂

    Let me also use this opportunity to extend an invitation to a bloggers brunch party taking place on my blog on this weekend Sat-Sunday. The post is titled it’s a brunch party. I believe that it will be fun 🙂

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