Spinning vs Other Chores

I’d rather be spinning, but some other necessary things were competing for attention this week. As tax day looms closer I had to prepare the things for our accountant. As a business owner, I trust a second opinion when dealing with red tape! And it’s a relief to have that finished.

To motivate myself, I gave myself rewards of spinning time, and then knitting time, between organizing receipts and totaling columns of numbers.

spinning snow-dyed

on my wheel


First I spun the merino top that I snow dyed last week. I planned a heavy yarn that would match the gauge of the commercial thick and thin that was dyed at the same time. It pleasantly surprised me to see how the colors arranged themselves to mimic the first yarn.

thick and thin with handspun

colors aren’t quite true but you can see the pooling

Of course I needed more breaks (and chocolate) so I also cast on a hat to see how the yarns worked together! That finished I had just enough yarn to make a second slightly different one 🙂  Pictures of those tomorrow if the light is better.

balls of yarn

wound into balls ready to knit

Lesson of this post, work a little and play more, don’t be a last minute person 🙂  To add to this years goals…Keep current on paperwork! So today we dropped my car to the garage for a little fixing, did some shopping, and tonight I finished 4 batches of magnets for the shows. Tomorrow maybe some more snow dyeing…it’s supposed to be gone by this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Spinning vs Other Chores

  1. Oh dear! Don’t talk about paper work, please O.O
    I have the whole lot of last year’s receipts in one big box. I don’t dare to approach it.
    Deadlines here are end of May. I’ll guess I will need the reminder I get every year and hand in the lot around August or September *ahem*
    I’ll do some spinning in the meantime 😀

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    • I try to pre-sort, then let the accountant put things where they should be listed!
      Hard to believe from the pictures, but that’s all the same colorway 🙂 in real life it’s not as pink as the middle picture but not quite as purple as the wound yarn-although that is the closest 🙂

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