Almost Ready

With Saturday being the first show of the season that we are taking tie trailer to, this week as been a mad rush.

In addition to printing magnets for the newer paintings that my husband finished, I also had to pick up my new glasses today.I did get all my labeling/inventory finished for my knitting and yarn that has been accumulating. At least now I can see what I am doing better šŸ™‚

The trailer is loaded with the exception of the candles, which I will finish organizing tomorrow! I also have to pick up the shrubs that I ordered through our local conservation department and probably stick them in some dirt to hold til we can plant next week.

The SUV is in bad need of a bath after all the muddy and dusty roads and also needs loading! Saturday set-up starts at 7:00am, so at this point I’m wondering what we are going to forget šŸ™‚ Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “Almost Ready

  1. Thank you Megha and Donna for the luck….craft shows are 100% preparation and 99% luck that the right people come by for the products we have on display! I’m charging my batteries to take plenty of pictures to share šŸ™‚


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