Part of a Custom Order

This is a special post to show pictures of a custom order that I am working on for a special lady. The rest of my readers will have to just look and admire the colors she chose for me to combine for her knitting projects. I’ve been wet plying the yarn and using my click reel to measure and skein the finished yarn.

The first is a 3-ply linen of red, gray and black. The actual colors are about halfway between these two pictures.

linen yarn on click reel

Big skeins I wind on my click reel.

plied linen yarn

red, black and gray plied

Next is a 4-ply light gray, orange, hot pink, and light chartreuse. I like the way the two bright colors joined to contrast the two lighter colors, but it’s hard to see from the picture.

linen yarn plied

gray, hot pink, orange, and light chartreuse

And then there is a picture of the first skein of the ultra thin skein that I wound, it tangled and broke when using my swift with my ball winder, I finally wound the rest of it by hand onto a cone and haven’t started plying that combination yet. I did wind another set of four cakes tonight so will soon have another colorway plying on my wheel.

linen yarn

really fine linen yarn, ready to ply


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