What Could Have Been

What could have been but THANKFULLY was not!

At last weeks show we set up Friday night and slept dry through a rain storm. Sat was hot and dry with a little wind picking up when we closed.

half of one of our tents.

a part of our display.

Notice in this picture how close the large tent (which also had vendors in it) is to our 2 10×10 tents.

big tent down

wind won!


We heard the wind pick up more during the night but we were snug in our trailer. The next morning this is what we found when we went to open! Luckily no damage was done to anyone’s products, but the tent was dismantled and they were relocated to two smaller tents that had remained up.

more of big tent

glad we weren’t closer

more tent pictures

ours still up, but wind was billowing it.

One of the large tent poles missed our tent by about a foot. It was still so windy that we waited to open and my husband decided to sketch some of the re-en-actors instead of opening his tent. Once we put up all of our sides it wasn’t as bad, but his canvases wouldn’t have stayed hanging.

wigwam won over wind

sketch of hand-sewn wigwam with trader

re-en-actment scene

sketching cannon on the hill


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