Still around….

I’m still around and reading a little bit. Have been taking pictures but not taking the time to get them on the computer. I have been dyeing yarn and roving, making candles, and printing prints of my husband’s art, washing table covers and repacking for each new show. Soon most will be over and I’ll take the time to catch up on how everyone spent their summers and share some of the high-lights of ours.

Until then stay busy and happy everyone!


2 thoughts on “Still around….

  1. Oh wow! Sounds like you didn’t have one boring minute 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing you back, especially with the yarns and the spinning wheel.

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  2. Thanks for sticking around. You are right about not being bored…I’m working on my 4th batch of dyeing (yarn) right now. Last weekend’s show was rainy on Sat, but people still came, and Sun. turned nice so we got to pack up dry 🙂


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