Another Tangled Web

This web at first looked as if a giant spider had invaded our downstairs!

tangled string

tangled around every leg in sight

But on second look it was just Stanley and Sheldon learning to play “cat’s cradle” with some string they found 🙂

cats at play

Now this is the next move!

Lucky for all that it wasn’t my hand spun!


2 thoughts on “Another Tangled Web

  1. I’m betting Stanley and Sheldon are fast learners with “Cat’s Cradle”…and I’m sure they’ll come up with other games as well if given the opportunity!

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  2. Yeah, that’s my fear, no telling what they will do when left home alone for a whole day! This was done while we were sleeping! And our winter schedule is such that someone has been home most of the time, but craft shows are coming! I’m apprehensive 🙂 and hope we put the right things out of their sight!

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