No, but I was Almost Ready!

I only forgot one “important” item at Saturday’s craft show! Since I sell my hand dyed wool by the ounce, it helps if I have my scale with me! I didn’t have, so I put out very little wool (thinking I wouldn’t sell any 🙂 The wool customers (spinners) that wanted some were very understanding and accepted my estimate of how much was in a ball. My scale now goes to the top of my list for the next show!

Here’s three skeins of yarn, fresh off my wheel.

merino yarn

hand dyed merino wool hand spun.


And here is our show set-up.  Son and I shared one space while husband had a space across the aisle from us.


craft show

Cliff’s corner

craft show

candles and hats


wool and yarn

Meanwhile we look forward to the next shows, more organized packing, and warmer weather. Have a nice week everyone.


4 thoughts on “No, but I was Almost Ready!

  1. I like the set-up Bev. Very welcoming, colorful and easy to navigate shopping. You’ll never forget that scale again…and of course the one time you don’t bring it people line up to buy that wool!

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    • Thanks Bruce, our set-up varies for each show but I try to keep the open U for more display space. Next show is a fiber festival, so no candles but much more wool and yarn, and yes, definitely the scale 🙂

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  2. Wow – this layout for your blog looks wonderful – especially since you had such a tough job when you started! Hope your shows go well, and thanks for your comment on my blog!

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