Happy New Year

As we begin a new year I’m wishing everyone happiness!

In our family happiness comes from keeping in touch with family and friends, and playing with color! What brings you happiness?

New Year’s Day my husband added the finishing touches to his newest painting and signed it as complete. He has now started on his next one. The 9″ of new snow which fell the night before tempted me to snow dye two more silk scarves.

Sometimes instead of resolutions and even goals, just doing things that make us happy is much more productive and satisfying. (although the goal of finishing things once started does lurk in the background.)

The following picture is of my “happiness projects” of the last few days.


The black in the center is warp wound on a small loom-still waiting to be threaded through the heddles and reed, then tied to the cloth beam to weave.

The two silk scarves are signed and await a final wash and ironing.

The yarn and fiber were yesterday’s projects. Now they need labeling and maybe some coordinating skeins dyed.

A new dye and more silks arrived this morning so besides projects to finish I have a new (fluorescent) color to play with.

What plans have you made for this new year?


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