Farewell, but Not Goodbye

This may be the ending of Blogging 101, but it is just the beginning of active blogging for a lot of us.

I once heard a lady say, “There are no strangers in life, only friends we’ve not yet met.” Since that time the internet has developed to allow us to meet many more future friends. Stay in touch, continue writing and sharing. These are the building blocks we were given, along with some tools to connect them. How we use them is now up to us!

A special thanks to Michelle, A.I., and Chrissie for their help and guidance during these past weeks. And thanks to all who have taken the time to read and comment on whatever others have chosen to publish.

To keep expanding and learning makes life interesting.

So here’s a post/toast to everyone on leading an interesting life.


Wondering Wednesday

I realize it’s not Wednesday, but I’m writing this to introduce a new regular feature for this blog.

What might you be wondering about?

Do you wonder “How is this or that made?”

Do you wonder  “How to handle a particular craft show or business problem?”

Do you wonder “How my cat spends his days?”

Do you wonder “What we’re working on now?”

Do you wonder “????????”

If it’s within my scope of knowledge, I’m willing to discuss it. (Just let me know in a comment) Some may not be answered immediately, but will go on my list! So stay tuned, and wonder with me, what the next post will be.

Day 14- Extend Your Brand

I established what I think represents my business brand when I first used my “spinning lady” as my avatar and as a logo on our business cards. It not only represents the yarn I spin, but also the fact that all our products are hand made by us, with special attention to details.

The spinning lady was made by hand on a scroll saw, by my step-dad, as a special present for my mom. I later received one, and it is a photo of this handcrafted picture that represents family and not-forgotten craft skills to me,Avatar Business card 09 002 and I hope to those I meet.

Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Waiting Room.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”      This is my take on the statement.

The things in our “waiting room” have been waiting patiently, watching dust settle, sometimes for years.

These “things” are craft supplies:

unopened paint- waiting to be “the right” color,

un-spun,un-dyed fiber- waiting to take color and be spun into yarn for someone’s special project,

blank plaques- waiting a final sanding and the “perfect sized picture” to make it complete.

Each of these things were chosen during our working years for their potential to become the perfect, one of a kind (or limited edition), craft creation when transformed into something new.

During this time of waiting, they have developed patience (instead of yelling “pick me, pick me!) when we walk into their room. Some of their imagined transformations may have changed over time, but all will eventually become useful. Some are a forgotten treasure, finding them is like a new discovery.

Now that we are concentrating on our own business, instead of working for others, these items and dreams are beginning to resurface.

angels came out of hiding

angels came out of hiding

But it’s a good thing they developed patience in the “waiting room”. They will need it after their transformation because they will again be waiting!

Waiting to have their picture taken, and description written, waiting to be loaded into a tote to be displayed at a craft show. Waiting for that one person, who recognizing their uniqueness, wants to give them that special space of their own in a new home!

Day Three!

Today’s assignment of using tags in reader to find more blogs to read and sounded both easy and educational but…

I started last night, tried some tags that didn’t work quite the way I’d hoped, tried others and found some nuggets. Logged on again this morning to spend a few minutes searching for a few more blogs to follow, ended a few hours later, after reading the ones I’m following, and adding a few more. Then I went outside to play in the beautiful sun we had today.

This whole process requires more time than I realized, so the post that was on my mind is still there and will wait for another day.

Crafting and Blogging

I feel that in learning more about blogging I am actually learning to craft a website.

The Day Two assignment of checking and possibly changing my title and tagline is a lot like choosing which fiber to use to spin a new yarn. Do I want my yarn (or blog) to be a thin silk, used for special occasions, a two-ply wool, to snuggle through the long winter, or a durable linen, to withstand the tests of time and use?

I have been Mulch and More since the beginning of my business as explained on my home page, so only a slight change of spacing made my title more readable.

I want my blog to have the endurance of linen while maintaining a luster of silk and the welcoming warmth of wool. Only the test of time will tell if I can master the skills needed to craft a useful blog.

Hello, Glad to meet you!

I signed up for Blogging101 to learn more about making a blog.

For those of you who may have read my first writing of this post and you realize it sounds different, that’s because it is!   MY COMPUTER ATE my homework!   Yes I forgot to push that all important button that says “Save Draft” Lesson learned as I struggle to remember some of what I said the first time!

Hi, I’m Bev. I actually opened my blog earlier this spring to showcase and help the growth of our craft business. Yes I am technically challenged! (See above paragraph for example) Thanks to the response for my post for help I think I have things straightened out and hope not to make the same mistakes again…I know there’s many other mistakes I can find to make:)

The purpose of my blog is to find other people interested in hand made crafts, share information about the craft shows that we attend and about some of the methods used in creating things. I also hope to learn more by exploring some crafts that I haven’t done (yet)  while feeding my computer better to prevent random snacks! I’m also interested in organic gardening, healthier eating, better business practices,organizing inventory, etc.

If you would like to learn more about our family business, please check out our Home and About pages too. I welcome feedback and constructive criticism and meeting new people.