Farewell, but Not Goodbye

This may be the ending of Blogging 101, but it is just the beginning of active blogging for a lot of us.

I once heard a lady say, “There are no strangers in life, only friends we’ve not yet met.” Since that time the internet has developed to allow us to meet many more future friends. Stay in touch, continue writing and sharing. These are the building blocks we were given, along with some tools to connect them. How we use them is now up to us!

A special thanks to Michelle, A.I., and Chrissie for their help and guidance during these past weeks. And thanks to all who have taken the time to read and comment on whatever others have chosen to publish.

To keep expanding and learning makes life interesting.

So here’s a post/toast to everyone on leading an interesting life.


2 thoughts on “Farewell, but Not Goodbye

  1. Hey kitty…. I notice you like the radiator – I sit on the cushion as the sun streams in and my body feels all warm and cozy on those cold, blistery days. Thanks for sharing in this blogging 101 adventure – stay warm – keep sharing.
    And yes, I am going to continue reading your blog as I want to know how a lot of things are made – in particular really warm booties that can keep all four of my feet toasty. woof!

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    • Hi Rambo, the sun doesn’t always shine during our snowy winters, but that is my choice during the summer– G-dog
      If your Mom knits or crochets maybe she could make you some wool booties…extra large, then felt(shrink) them down into a nice thick felted wool…like the felt liners in some winter people boots:)


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