WIP are now FO!

This is the follow up on my works in progress, which are now finished objects. Plus I’ve started another hat to felt from some multi-colored hand spun that I’ve always liked and wanted to see how the colors would look when knit.  I know when felted the colors will become less distinct, but should still be unique. (And I’m happy that the colors came out very accurate in the picture, the other pictures I’ll apologize for in advance, I really need to make a decent light box.)

What I am doing 037-1

Work in Progress, hat to felt

The infinity scarf, before and after;

Due to the gauge of the yarn, it came out longer, and I think two solid or heather colors would show the pattern to better advantage,however it is wearable. But I do like the diagonal enough that I experimented in making a semi-matching hat (same diagonal,but in only one color), and I wrote down what I did so I should be able to repeat the hat in different colors.

What I am doing 041-1

Next the hats that I felted, the brown is off in color (IRL a dark reddish brown) and I still plan to add a band into the loops you can see.

The narrow brimmed one is really fuzzy, thanks to the mohair blended into the wool.


The blue hat I made for myself. It’s the perfect weight for the unseasonably warm weather we were having. We now have 3 inches of snow so I went back to wearing one of my felted hats for greater warmth.

The two felted ones (above) will be priced ($60 each) and added to my craft show inventory. I do plan on taking better pictures, writing descriptions to include measurements and having them available for on-line customers too. If anyone has an interest please contact me through the contact page. I don’t list the things on  this shop or this shop that are in my craft show inventory, just to avoid a possible duplicate sale of a one of a kind item.



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