Wondering Wednesdays-#5


Wondering Cat Wednesday!

G-Dog (yes, that’s the name he came to us with) is wondering when a cat is supposed to sleep?

for blogging 101 059-1

He’s curled up on his favorite end of the couch wondering when the flashing light is going to stop?

for blogging 101 058-1

Meanwhile I’m wondering when my camera is going to work well enough to take the pictures I want to make the posts I had planned. The memory card stopped working and I lost a lot of the pictures I had…(lesson learned empty camera often!) Now something else has come up and I won’t be able to start shooting new ones for a few days.

I’m also wondering how people manage to plan and write posts drafts ahead so they have something to fall back on when life and plans don’t coincide? Once I write something I want to post it before I rethink it too much? Anyone else have these problems? And rethinking this, why aren’t I still talking about our cat? Maybe I need a cat nap?


3 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays-#5

  1. I have tried to schedule posts but it doesn’t work often. I’m like you, I kind of come up with an idea and go for it. If I’m writing something emotional I tend to mull on it overnight just to check that I’m still happy with what I’ve written the next day! X


    • So glad I’m not the only one to blog in this way. Also I tend to edit before I write. Since I’m trying to focus this blog on the things I do for my business, I only want to include limited family stuff (like the cat occasionally) But I do admire the writings of those who do include insights into their deepest thoughts, perhaps some day I will open up more.

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