Wondering Wednesdays #9

I started Wondering Wednesdays, because I was wondering what other people wondered about. Now I’m wondering if my title was wrong, if instead of locking myself in to a certain day to post on whatever subject I might think/guess is on your minds, that it would be more freeing to write a weekly post or two on whatever I am thinking or doing. So this is my explanation. Don’t want anyone wondering why Wondering Wednesday is disappearing, at least for a while.

But I will join the masses and for tonight wonder if anyone is going to win the BIG Powerball  Jackpot tonight? (It won’t be me, I didn’t buy a ticket, knitting needles were more useful.)

wildberry handspun marian cowl

New needles and a cowl half knitted

I wonder how it might change someone’s life? Would it be a good change? Or bring more problems than one could ever imagine?  My hope is that it would have a positive effect on the winner and those close to him or her. That they would have the wisdom to use it for the best benefit to themselves and others. It’s nice to dream about, but most people’s needs are much smaller than the amount of the jackpot.

I wonder what would you do as a winner?



Wondering Wednesday #8 Dryer Balls?

Have you ever wondered “what are dryer balls?” “why/how are they used?”  “how are they made?”

Dryer balls are simply felted wool balls, that you place in your dryer. They help fluff your clothes and absorb moisture to shorten drying time. A natural product with no added scent, they are great for people with fragrance sensitivities. However if you practice aromatherapy, you can easily add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.

for blogging jan-16 027-1

finished dryer balls

The other day, when I was playing with fiber, I weighed some extra top to make into dryer balls.

Once they are shaped, they are wet felted by agitating them in hot soapy water. When finished the soft fibers have joined together to form a firm ball.

I use two or three to a dryer load, but have used the same ones repeatedly for over a year now. (In spite of their attempted escapes, by stowing away in shirt sleeves, they are always returned.)

Before having heard of “dryer balls” a friend had suggested that I make “cat balls” to sell and described how she does it. After some experimenting, I’ve changed her methods a little, adding colored wool to solid colors and making a variety of sizes. After selling some of the regular sized cat balls for use as dryer balls, I added larger natural colored ones to my line.

Currently I make mini cat balls, regular cat balls, jingle balls, and dryer balls for my craft shows. I’m considering making enough to offer them on-line too. What do you think?

for blogging jan-16 025-1

craft show display


Disclaimer; No cats or sheep are harmed in the making of these balls 🙂 However these balls should not be used by small children or chewing dogs.

Wondering Wednesdays #7

For this wondering Wednesday I’m turning the keyboard over to our resident cat “G-Dog” to share his thoughts with you;

Meow, I’m usually quite quiet, and keep my wonderings to myself, but tonight I’ll make an exception.

As New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, I’m wondering why humans seem to make it such a “Big Deal”? If they aren’t busy planning for a big celebration (my humans aren’t) they are busy making lists and plans for the beginning of the New Year (mine are). I’m wondering why one particular day should be a “changing point”? I like things to stay the same, on my pre-conceived schedule, with all these lists, some things may start to change? grrr….

for blogging 101 080-1

G-Dog giving Mom the paw!

As a cat, I’m happy that I get fed several times a day, usually whenever I use my paw to attract attention to an empty dish. Sometimes they don’t understand and I get an ear scratched instead. But if the paw doesn’t work, when the teeth replace it they get the message!

for blogging 101 081-1

Getting closer to using teeth

Then I sit patiently watching to make sure they follow through, and place the dish exactly where I like it…purr.



for blogging 101 084-1

Yes, that’s the right way.

I sometimes try to read minds, and stare at them as hard as I can, wondering what they are planning next?

for blogging 101 076-1

What ARE you thinking?

Other times I give up, realizing they haven’t developed the skill needed to read my mind yet. I’m wondering if they ever will?

Meanwhile, thanks for listening, remain your purrfect selves and hurry back next week/year. And please add anything that you might be wondering about in a comment….otherwise I think Mom’s mind may be set on talking about more crafts, instead of letting me play kitten old cat on the keyboard!

for blogging 101 077-1

Oh well, I’ll try again later, maybe

Wondering Wednesdays #6 Art or Craft?

Art or Craft? I have often wondered how to classify the things I make. Are they crafts? Are they art?

I have no problem recognizing the works that my husband and son create as Art! They are each talented artists. However, in my mind, the things I create I consider crafts. Yes I use different color combinations and techniques, and much of what I make is one of a kind or limited editions, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s “art”. After all they are not a painting or a soft sculpture!

Then I ran across this article which I recognized as the writing style of an on-line friend. I contacted Sandi for permission to include her article here;

Metal wheel worker

“In the 1850s, if you  needed a new shirt, you made it; if a stirrup on a saddle broke, you crafted a new one; to celebrate a wedding, ladies would gather, bringing all of their scraps to create a quilt for the newly-married couple.  Socks and scarves were knit or crocheted by firelight; knives and farm implements were hand-shaped from cast iron.  The term “artist” was applied to those involved in traditional art forms – painting, sculpture, the theater.

Many of the skills needed to maintain a homestead in the 1850s are considered art forms today.  Beginning in 2014, Frontier Homestead will endeavor to bring artists working in these various fields together, to present living exhibits of the historical past.”

After reading this, I am beginning to change my viewpoint. Maybe my husband is right and I can be considered an artist too?

What hobbies or crafts or arts do you pursue? In what category do you consider the items that you make? Everyone has a talent, I wonder what is yours?

And as Christmas is fast approaching, I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wondering Wednesdays-#5


Wondering Cat Wednesday!

G-Dog (yes, that’s the name he came to us with) is wondering when a cat is supposed to sleep?

for blogging 101 059-1

He’s curled up on his favorite end of the couch wondering when the flashing light is going to stop?

for blogging 101 058-1

Meanwhile I’m wondering when my camera is going to work well enough to take the pictures I want to make the posts I had planned. The memory card stopped working and I lost a lot of the pictures I had…(lesson learned empty camera often!) Now something else has come up and I won’t be able to start shooting new ones for a few days.

I’m also wondering how people manage to plan and write posts drafts ahead so they have something to fall back on when life and plans don’t coincide? Once I write something I want to post it before I rethink it too much? Anyone else have these problems? And rethinking this, why aren’t I still talking about our cat? Maybe I need a cat nap?

Wondering Wednesday #4

On my introductory Wondering Wednesday lisamariagardiner left the comment “A bit deep and meaningful but I’m seriously wondering what the future will be like for my children x” I don’t have answers for you, or any of us, but I will try to express my thoughts on your topic, a topic that really affects all of us.

As the world seems to grow more unstable it is difficult to predict what the future may bring. Many changes that they will see are beyond our control…I think back to the changes my grandparents saw in their lifetimes–in transportation; from horse and buggy to man walking on the moon—in world events; WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, etc. My generation learned to use a manual typewriter in school and now struggles to navigate the world wide web! And with the “Cold War” didn’t really expect the world to survive until the turn of the century!  Worrying about these changes, that the ordinary person has little if any control over, can be very non-productive.

As parents all we can do is prepare our children to become self-sufficient, to think for themselves, to care for themselves, and hope they make wise decisions with the tools we’ve tried to impart.

We have to realize that we can’t lead their lives for them, and that their choices may or may not be what we would have chosen for them, anymore than some of our choices were what our parents wanted for us. We may want stability while they want exploration and adventure. Their “ideal job” might be something that we would hate doing. But we must learn when to support their choices and when to offer help if it is needed.


And on a different note; I’m wondering where time is flying to? Wednesday is here and almost gone and I didn’t get any new pictures taken (but the infinity scarf is off the needles, still needs the ends finished and blocking before I can show a pic.)

And as always, I welcome your comments about what you are wondering about?

Wondering Wednesdays #3

Today I’ve decided to share what I am wondering about.

I recently found a free knitting pattern here that I really liked the looks of and decided to try with some of my hand spun yarn. I chose two skeins that co-ordinate, one a dark navy blue, the other the navy plied with a single of gray and light blue.

What I am doing 033

Hand Spun Wool

I’m on row 9 of 21 and I’m wondering how it is going to look? Should I have chosen yarn with more contrast? As you can see from the work on my needles, it’s too crowded on the 32 inch needles to really tell exactly how it will look when finished. So I will keep knitting and maybe try a different color combination for another one. It is a fun pattern.

What I am doing 034

Cowl on needles


And in case you are wondering, here are two hats that I have knitted to felt. I’ll try to remember to post follow-up pictures, after they are felted/shrunk to show what a big difference hot water and agitation can make.

What I am doing 035

brown wide brim hat to felt

What I am doing 036

gold and light brown(mohair &wool) with dark wool band to felt

Wondering Cat World

Cats are very self-contained and don’t share their thoughts all at once. G-Dog is especially private, so this may be a continuing series. Also he doesn’t read a calendar well with one bad eye, so this wondering Wednesday post is a day early!

Here he is wondering why registers are only warm for part of the year?

favorite cool weather spot

favorite cool weather spot

Can he manage to soak up enough heat to last through the summer?

Ahhh! Comfort!

Ahhh! Comfort!

Wondering Wednesday

I realize it’s not Wednesday, but I’m writing this to introduce a new regular feature for this blog.

What might you be wondering about?

Do you wonder “How is this or that made?”

Do you wonder  “How to handle a particular craft show or business problem?”

Do you wonder “How my cat spends his days?”

Do you wonder “What we’re working on now?”

Do you wonder “????????”

If it’s within my scope of knowledge, I’m willing to discuss it. (Just let me know in a comment) Some may not be answered immediately, but will go on my list! So stay tuned, and wonder with me, what the next post will be.