Wondering Wednesdays #7

For this wondering Wednesday I’m turning the keyboard over to our resident cat “G-Dog” to share his thoughts with you;

Meow, I’m usually quite quiet, and keep my wonderings to myself, but tonight I’ll make an exception.

As New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, I’m wondering why humans seem to make it such a “Big Deal”? If they aren’t busy planning for a big celebration (my humans aren’t) they are busy making lists and plans for the beginning of the New Year (mine are). I’m wondering why one particular day should be a “changing point”? I like things to stay the same, on my pre-conceived schedule, with all these lists, some things may start to change? grrr….

for blogging 101 080-1

G-Dog giving Mom the paw!

As a cat, I’m happy that I get fed several times a day, usually whenever I use my paw to attract attention to an empty dish. Sometimes they don’t understand and I get an ear scratched instead. But if the paw doesn’t work, when the teeth replace it they get the message!

for blogging 101 081-1

Getting closer to using teeth

Then I sit patiently watching to make sure they follow through, and place the dish exactly where I like it…purr.



for blogging 101 084-1

Yes, that’s the right way.

I sometimes try to read minds, and stare at them as hard as I can, wondering what they are planning next?

for blogging 101 076-1

What ARE you thinking?

Other times I give up, realizing they haven’t developed the skill needed to read my mind yet. I’m wondering if they ever will?

Meanwhile, thanks for listening, remain your purrfect selves and hurry back next week/year. And please add anything that you might be wondering about in a comment….otherwise I think Mom’s mind may be set on talking about more crafts, instead of letting me play kitten old cat on the keyboard!

for blogging 101 077-1

Oh well, I’ll try again later, maybe


3 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays #7

  1. Thank you. I’d look better if Mom was better with that thing they call a camera, I do get tired of that bright flash:)– Mr. G

    Apologies from Mom…..He is so opinionated sometimes!…but he’s been with us about 12 years and is still training us!

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