Wondering Wednesday #4

On my introductory Wondering Wednesday lisamariagardiner left the comment “A bit deep and meaningful but I’m seriously wondering what the future will be like for my children x” I don’t have answers for you, or any of us, but I will try to express my thoughts on your topic, a topic that really affects all of us.

As the world seems to grow more unstable it is difficult to predict what the future may bring. Many changes that they will see are beyond our control…I think back to the changes my grandparents saw in their lifetimes–in transportation; from horse and buggy to man walking on the moon—in world events; WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, etc. My generation learned to use a manual typewriter in school and now struggles to navigate the world wide web! And with the “Cold War” didn’t really expect the world to survive until the turn of the century!  Worrying about these changes, that the ordinary person has little if any control over, can be very non-productive.

As parents all we can do is prepare our children to become self-sufficient, to think for themselves, to care for themselves, and hope they make wise decisions with the tools we’ve tried to impart.

We have to realize that we can’t lead their lives for them, and that their choices may or may not be what we would have chosen for them, anymore than some of our choices were what our parents wanted for us. We may want stability while they want exploration and adventure. Their “ideal job” might be something that we would hate doing. But we must learn when to support their choices and when to offer help if it is needed.


And on a different note; I’m wondering where time is flying to? Wednesday is here and almost gone and I didn’t get any new pictures taken (but the infinity scarf is off the needles, still needs the ends finished and blocking before I can show a pic.)

And as always, I welcome your comments about what you are wondering about?


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