Wondering Wednesdays #9

I started Wondering Wednesdays, because I was wondering what other people wondered about. Now I’m wondering if my title was wrong, if instead of locking myself in to a certain day to post on whatever subject I might think/guess is on your minds, that it would be more freeing to write a weekly post or two on whatever I am thinking or doing. So this is my explanation. Don’t want anyone wondering why Wondering Wednesday is disappearing, at least for a while.

But I will join the masses and for tonight wonder if anyone is going to win the BIG Powerball  Jackpot tonight? (It won’t be me, I didn’t buy a ticket, knitting needles were more useful.)

wildberry handspun marian cowl

New needles and a cowl half knitted

I wonder how it might change someone’s life? Would it be a good change? Or bring more problems than one could ever imagine?  My hope is that it would have a positive effect on the winner and those close to him or her. That they would have the wisdom to use it for the best benefit to themselves and others. It’s nice to dream about, but most people’s needs are much smaller than the amount of the jackpot.

I wonder what would you do as a winner?



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