Another Hat on my Needles

The other day I started organizing my hand spun yarn inventory that I carry to craft shows with me. Of course a few of the skeins jumped out and said “use me, keep me, knit me”

There were three skeins that I had spun from colonial wool in a colorway called Wildberry, so of course these were among the keepers! The color is deep and rich, with all the tones that one would get when combining blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, mulberries and others into a mixed berry jam….but non-fattening.

a future felted hat in the making

wildberry hand spun yarn

I started a hat which I will felt. I bought larger needles to make a matching cowl. I may even make some finger-less gloves if there’s still yarn left! Yes I really like the texture and color of this yarn, so am treating myself to some fun knitting. Naturally the results will join my craft show inventory, but at least the yarn gets a little outing and is replaced in a different tote with more hat friends 😉


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