KAL Finished

The cowl that I started yesterday for Bonnyknits  and Jenna’s KAL is finished except for blocking. The pattern of Marshmallow Fluff by Sarah Kraly was easy to follow although I did use US#17 needles instead of the #19’s that the pattern called for. When I do it again the only change I would make would be to bind off after a wrong side row instead of after a right side row. I think that that way the bind off would be as invisible on the right side as it is on the wrong side.

denim blue cowl KAL

finished #Marshmallow cowl

slight signs of bind off line

Bind off line in the center

different view of bind off

The pointer marks the bind off, should have knit one more row first.

almost invisible bind off on wrong side of cowl.

Wrong side of cowl, bind off in center, blends in well.

Cowl is fluffy and warm, thanks Bonny and Jenna.



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