Next on my Needles

Next on my needles, as I use my stash , two skeins at a time, plus some fuzzy commercial yarn 🙂

wool hand spun and dyed

Bright hand spun, hand dyed, ready to cast on.


9 thoughts on “Next on my Needles

  1. The first time felting something is scary, I recommend buying or finding a good pattern and using yarn that is known to felt well—with my experimenting I’ve ended with mini baskets(yarn was too small a gauge) or a giant hat (wool didn’t felt as tight as it should have) but it is addictive and fun.


    • Hope it was a happy pang/memory. My Mom is the one who taught me to spin and some of my colors are those that were her favorites. The brightness in this one is more mine (she would have preferred a mauve shade)


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