Fighting to Edit Pictures

I’ve been finishing some of my WIP’s so it is time to contribute to my husband’s art…I have the “job” of taking pictures of his finished art and editing them to make prints and smaller magnet sized prints. So I have been doing my best to transform pictures of canvases into a likeness that will fit a 3.5″x2″ magnet!

Ahhh! Frustration! And I’m the one that came up with this idea! Several of the canvases are 24″x8″….not the right ratio to easily reduce to the size I need.  So I am fighting to get the best reproduction that I can, to have a more inexpensive way to offer samples of his work to people that may want to collect it, but don’t have either the means or the space for a full-sized original. I’ll show you a low-pixel example of what I’ve managed to achieve so far.

small views of Edwin's paintings

magnets from original paintings

Any editing wizards reading that can offer me suggestions??? Please?  (I’ve been editing in frames to fill the white space that was left around the painting, but not sure I’m happy with that effect either)

I will return before too long with more of my regularly scheduled projects to share 🙂 Thanks for reading my self-caused rant!


2 thoughts on “Fighting to Edit Pictures

  1. Thanks, I’ll just keep struggling, I’m experimenting with different ways, and may just do bigger prints of some instead of thinking I want each one as a magnet size. He’s getting more productive as we are all trying to stock up for a busy season! 🙂


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