Three in 3 Days!

Three knit hats

Three knit hats

One each day for the past three days, I started knitting and completed a hat! No I’m not going to keep up that pace as I have other projects to work on too. But it was a nice challenge to myself and a way to see how the new yarn that I dyed last week would look in a project. I’ll be dyeing some more before too long!

hand dyed thick and thin hat.

Thick and thin yarn plus sock yarn

For Wednesday’s hat I used a pattern found on Ravelry written by Carol Tyler. Instead of using the thick and thin wool by itself, I combined it with some of the leftover (shawl) sock yarn that had been the inspiration for the dyes I had used for this skein of lumpy. It was a quick fun knit on large needles, so to keep the fun going I finished by adding a tassel of sorts!

knit from hand spun

brown hand spun hat

Thursday’s hat was another sample of a pattern that a friend designed to go with my hand spun. The pattern will be given free with the purchase of 100yds. or more my yarn this summer. Plus I wanted to make a hat that wasn’t specifically for a woman. (The brown color is more realistic in the first picture than this one)

knit hat

lumpy, slightly slouchy hat

Today’s hat was another of the skeins I had dyed, using the same pattern as Wednesday’s, but making some modifications to the straight stockinette stitch by throwing in some random purls and using a solid hand spun for a more stable band than the thick and thin gave on the first one.


4 thoughts on “Three in 3 Days!

  1. Oh, I miss the days when I knew how to knit. Unfortunately I forgot how to start, even though if you give me something with the first row already made, I can still take it from there.


  2. My favorite way of “casting on” is to actually knit on…start with your slip-knot stitch, knit into it, don’t drop the first stitch but place your new one on the left needle next to it, keep knitting a new stitch and transferring, easy first row 🙂
    I can see you not taking time to knit when you are so busy weaving your wondrous stories!
    Thanks for stopping by.


    • Thanks, I just finished a matching cowl with the leftover yarn from the third one. Now to get things labeled and packed, ready for a craft show at the end of the month! If you’re in my area stop by and try it on 🙂

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