KAL means Knit-A-Long

Yesterday I was reading bonnyknits blog about a knit along she and another blogger planned.  She is such a prolific knitter that I thought it might be fun…I’ve knit a lot but never a knit a long 🙂

Best thing was looking at the free pattern, it uses bulky yarn, which I happen to have an ample supply of, and have been looking for patterns to recommend for use with my hand spun. So glad to find another quick to knit project in a pattern that I can recommend to yarn buyers and spinners.

The pattern, Marshmallow Fluff is well written by Sarah Kraly and although straightforward I did have to learn to do a provisional cast-on!  Thanks to Bonny for explaining it to me.

The yarn I choose is a light denim colored superwash merino, a bulky hand spun from my stash. I do have other skeins of superwash here. Having trouble with my lighting, the actual color is about halfway between the two pictures below.

And this is my progress so far, almost half way done.

knit along cowl

start of cowl pattern

Feel free to join in the fun at Bonnyknitsblog !


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