KAL Finished

The cowl that I started yesterday for Bonnyknits  and Jenna’s KAL is finished except for blocking. The pattern of Marshmallow Fluff by Sarah Kraly was easy to follow although I did use US#17 needles instead of the #19’s that the pattern called for. When I do it again the only change I would make would be to bind off after a wrong side row instead of after a right side row. I think that that way the bind off would be as invisible on the right side as it is on the wrong side.

denim blue cowl KAL

finished #Marshmallow cowl

slight signs of bind off line

Bind off line in the center

different view of bind off

The pointer marks the bind off, should have knit one more row first.

almost invisible bind off on wrong side of cowl.

Wrong side of cowl, bind off in center, blends in well.

Cowl is fluffy and warm, thanks Bonny and Jenna.


Second Hat from My Pattern

This is the second hat that I’m knitting from a pattern I created for a hat, taking my inspiration from a free infinity scarf pattern . I am wearing the first one myself, I like the weight of it but didn’t feel the tri-colored yarn that I used showed the pattern to it’s best advantage.

A new hat on my needles

Green and Brown hat started with spiraled green stitch

This is one of the reasons I knit with my hand spun yarn, to better know which type of yarn is more suitable to which style of pattern. This hat is being knit from a hand dyed pastel green paired with a dark brown wool yarn. What do you think, compared to the first one?

tri-colored hat

First spiraled hat

Fun Fur Doesn’t Felt, Does It?

Of course we know that fun fur doesn’t felt. That’s what makes it fabulous to knit with wool in a felting project. Held together while I knit, it looks kind of sparse, but when the wool shrinks, the appearance of the fun fur becomes more dense.

I had to take a picture of it fresh from the felting water.  It looks like a drowned, half bald rainbow creature! But just wait til it drys, and shakes itself fluffy!

cranberry felted hat

felted but wet

And It’s Finished!

The hat that I showed you as a work in progress is finished!

knitted hat awaiting felting.

finished cranberry and fun fur hat.


I realize it doesn’t look quite done, and it’s not!  This hat now joins the two others, that I have knitted recently, for their hot water felting bath. After their bath, and a day or two of air drying, I will take the final finished pictures. The mobius cowl (that matches the wildberry hat) will be left unfelted, so at least one of the four objects is complete and ready to label. It’s so nice and soft that I’m almost tempted to keep it for myself, but I’m running out of closet room!

Hats to felt and cowl to label.

Cranberry, Wildberry, and Colonial blend Hats, Plus knitted cowl

New Work in Progress

This is a WIP that I started the other day. It’s a hand spun, hand dyed shaded cranberry wool yarn that I’m combining with a fun fur for another hat to felt and add to my inventory.

hand spun, hand dyed yarn for a felted hat

Shaded Cranberry yarn as the start of a hat.

So far I am meeting or exceeding my inventory building goals. Now to make time to work on the rest of them (but knitting is too much like fun!)

Another Hat on my Needles

The other day I started organizing my hand spun yarn inventory that I carry to craft shows with me. Of course a few of the skeins jumped out and said “use me, keep me, knit me”

There were three skeins that I had spun from colonial wool in a colorway called Wildberry, so of course these were among the keepers! The color is deep and rich, with all the tones that one would get when combining blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, mulberries and others into a mixed berry jam….but non-fattening.

a future felted hat in the making

wildberry hand spun yarn

I started a hat which I will felt. I bought larger needles to make a matching cowl. I may even make some finger-less gloves if there’s still yarn left! Yes I really like the texture and color of this yarn, so am treating myself to some fun knitting. Naturally the results will join my craft show inventory, but at least the yarn gets a little outing and is replaced in a different tote with more hat friends 😉

WIP are now FO!

This is the follow up on my works in progress, which are now finished objects. Plus I’ve started another hat to felt from some multi-colored hand spun that I’ve always liked and wanted to see how the colors would look when knit.  I know when felted the colors will become less distinct, but should still be unique. (And I’m happy that the colors came out very accurate in the picture, the other pictures I’ll apologize for in advance, I really need to make a decent light box.)

What I am doing 037-1

Work in Progress, hat to felt

The infinity scarf, before and after;

Due to the gauge of the yarn, it came out longer, and I think two solid or heather colors would show the pattern to better advantage,however it is wearable. But I do like the diagonal enough that I experimented in making a semi-matching hat (same diagonal,but in only one color), and I wrote down what I did so I should be able to repeat the hat in different colors.

What I am doing 041-1

Next the hats that I felted, the brown is off in color (IRL a dark reddish brown) and I still plan to add a band into the loops you can see.

The narrow brimmed one is really fuzzy, thanks to the mohair blended into the wool.


The blue hat I made for myself. It’s the perfect weight for the unseasonably warm weather we were having. We now have 3 inches of snow so I went back to wearing one of my felted hats for greater warmth.

The two felted ones (above) will be priced ($60 each) and added to my craft show inventory. I do plan on taking better pictures, writing descriptions to include measurements and having them available for on-line customers too. If anyone has an interest please contact me through the contact page. I don’t list the things on  this shop or this shop that are in my craft show inventory, just to avoid a possible duplicate sale of a one of a kind item.


Wondering Wednesdays #3

Today I’ve decided to share what I am wondering about.

I recently found a free knitting pattern here that I really liked the looks of and decided to try with some of my hand spun yarn. I chose two skeins that co-ordinate, one a dark navy blue, the other the navy plied with a single of gray and light blue.

What I am doing 033

Hand Spun Wool

I’m on row 9 of 21 and I’m wondering how it is going to look? Should I have chosen yarn with more contrast? As you can see from the work on my needles, it’s too crowded on the 32 inch needles to really tell exactly how it will look when finished. So I will keep knitting and maybe try a different color combination for another one. It is a fun pattern.

What I am doing 034

Cowl on needles


And in case you are wondering, here are two hats that I have knitted to felt. I’ll try to remember to post follow-up pictures, after they are felted/shrunk to show what a big difference hot water and agitation can make.

What I am doing 035

brown wide brim hat to felt

What I am doing 036

gold and light brown(mohair &wool) with dark wool band to felt