Works in Progress

Just a short note to show you my latest projects. The first a small skein that I spun last night, left-overs from an experiment in dyeing top for a long color change. Will get a picture of the large skein after it is dry from setting the twist.

handspun yarn

small skein that starts dark, blending to pale green and ending as yellow.

And this is my second start on a lace shawl that I am attempting. This time I have been placing life lines which is good since I need to rip the last 7 rows to find my mistake!

lace shawl start

start of wavedeck pi shawl

Happy Thanksgiving

No matter whether you celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday or just take the time to think of all you have to be thankful for, I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who takes the time to read this (and other) blogs,the time to learn about and respect the opinions of others (whether you agree or not) and the time to give a smile to family, friends, and strangers.

A wise lady once said “there are no strangers in life, only friends we’ve not yet met.”

Have a Great Week Friends!

Oh What a Tangled…

green linen

Very fine linen yarn.

Oh what a tangle this skein of yarn became! This was part of a custom order that I worked on sporadically throughout the summer as I found time between shows. When I placed this thin skein of yarn on the swift to wind it into a cake to use in plying I found that instead of winding off easily onto my ball winder that it kept catching, tangling and sometimes breaking . I finally wound it by hand onto an empty cone. Thankfully the lovely lady was in no big hurry, just wanted her skeins of linen yarn plied to a thickness that she could use to knit.

When we first met to discuss the project, we decided on a workable thickness and that it would be wet plied. We then went about sorting all the lovely colors into groups of three or four skeins, since they were two different gauges, the one almost as fine as sewing thread.

We did meet so she could see and approve of the progress but she wanted to wait to reclaim her yarn all at once. After many more hours than I had originally thought and well over 7000 yds of plied yarn the project is finished! I really want to see the finished items that it will become under an expert knitter’s hands. And best of all I’ve made a new friend.

The finished skeins covered my card table in a single layer, so here are the pictures with some overlap. The one multicolored skein is the uneven yardage from the original plying, plied with a continuous length of two of the finer singles that were left.


plied linen

2 linen

plied linen

3 linen

3-ply linen

linen yarn

more linen

linen yarn

And more overlapped skeins



Last Craft Show!

It’s been over a week now since we did the last craft show of our season for this year!

train in Port Sanilac Museum

Entering The Train Depot

It was a first year fiber show that I didn’t find out about until our fiber show that was the end of September. In spite of common wisdom that warns against first year shows, late advertisement for vendors, and a 200+ mile drive to a region of the state that we haven’t explored before I decided to send in an application! I’m glad we did!

The organizer communicated well, asked for pictures of our set-ups and products, and responded promptly to all my questions. The show was held in buildings of a historical museum in Port Sanilac and we needed to be able to fit our display around the furnishings of the buildings. After seeing my pictures she placed us in the Train Depot and let me know that I should be able to use my grid-wall (a display that I didn’t think I would be able to use there) but gladly brought. While this was going on I was busy trying to downsize what we would bring to fit into the suburban. After hauling a trailer full all summer I didn’t want to chance dragging it there and home if there should be a snow storm. (Michigan weather has been unseasonable this year with 50 degree  temps instead of the normal cold, but they are saying snow for this weekend!)

craft show display part 1

Left side of our display, with my shawl and wheel.

craft show display 2

dyed fiber, yarns and knitting, nestled around their glass display case and Ben Franklin stove in the back corner.

The weather was beautiful, the organizer and all the volunteers were helpful and friendly, and from the number of people that came through, advertisement had been good. We were placed next to a couple who are always our backside neighbors at the other fiber festival so we enjoyed their company as well. We did splurge for a motel and ate out (instead of our normal camping) but this first year show didn’t charge a fee. Next year they are but we signed up to repeat it and will look for cheaper lodging.

craft show display 3

smaller grid wall but still held hats, hand dyed yarn and some soft sculptures (needle felted)

craft show display 4

Son’s display of needle felting and copper shawl pins with neighboring booth in the background.

Now that the shows are over I have been catching up on a couple of custom orders, looking forward to posting more often, doing some more dyeing, knitting, and maybe even finding some time to weave!

What are your plans for this fall and winter season? Would be glad to hear what you are planning?

Still around….

I’m still around and reading a little bit. Have been taking pictures but not taking the time to get them on the computer. I have been dyeing yarn and roving, making candles, and printing prints of my husband’s art, washing table covers and repacking for each new show. Soon most will be over and I’ll take the time to catch up on how everyone spent their summers and share some of the high-lights of ours.

Until then stay busy and happy everyone!

Alive and Well

Just a brief note to let everyone know that I am alive and well in spite of the very hot weather. We have more craft shows coming up and I’ve been so busy making more inventory and sorting things out (more of some things go to certain shows than others, plus some we have to have tent weights while others we can stake)

Stay cool (if you can) and drink lots of water! I’ll write a better post with pictures when I find time to be coherent 🙂   Meanwhile I’ll read your blogs when I need a break 🙂

Time Crunch

As  I warned in an earlier post, craft shows and gardening would be cutting into my blogging time. I hate to admit, I’m not even able to keep up with reading all the wonderful blogs that I’ve marked to follow, but will try to catch up this fall.

Between the last two shows I caught sight of this rainbow in our back yard.


back yard rainbow

The rest of the pictures are some of the things I’ve been up to between shows, the latest dyeing hanging on the line.

wool yarn ready to ply

orange and leaf green now plied with the black and ready for the shows to find a new home

dyed wool top

dyed wool top, will be my demo spinning at next show

dyed yarn

thick and thin wool and nylon when dyed gives the most wonderful jewel-tones

hand dyed yarn

close-up of colors in bright sun-shine

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

What Could Have Been

What could have been but THANKFULLY was not!

At last weeks show we set up Friday night and slept dry through a rain storm. Sat was hot and dry with a little wind picking up when we closed.

half of one of our tents.

a part of our display.

Notice in this picture how close the large tent (which also had vendors in it) is to our 2 10×10 tents.

big tent down

wind won!


We heard the wind pick up more during the night but we were snug in our trailer. The next morning this is what we found when we went to open! Luckily no damage was done to anyone’s products, but the tent was dismantled and they were relocated to two smaller tents that had remained up.

more of big tent

glad we weren’t closer

more tent pictures

ours still up, but wind was billowing it.

One of the large tent poles missed our tent by about a foot. It was still so windy that we waited to open and my husband decided to sketch some of the re-en-actors instead of opening his tent. Once we put up all of our sides it wasn’t as bad, but his canvases wouldn’t have stayed hanging.

wigwam won over wind

sketch of hand-sewn wigwam with trader

re-en-actment scene

sketching cannon on the hill

Tweaking our Display

For our show Memorial Day weekend we had a double space with one on the end of the aisle, with woods behind us.We do change our arrangements from show to show depending on our location to traffic flow.

This set-up we were very pleased with as it gave customers plenty of room to walk in and look. Although we have two tents my husband doesn’t quite get a full one since I put my candle table in his but facing into my tent, which I share with our son. With him having the end space, he was able to hang canvases facing in and out, and as you can see from the pictures he rearranged his grid walls during the two days. (I’ve tried to pair the same views with the changes that took place)







For the other tent, the tour starts as you enter and look to the left, then continues around until you exit again by the candles.








Forgive me for not labeling the pictures, if any need clarification just leave a comment. There’s only one picture I missed taking, the wood burning hanging on the front part of the wooden yarn shelves.

Part of a Custom Order

This is a special post to show pictures of a custom order that I am working on for a special lady. The rest of my readers will have to just look and admire the colors she chose for me to combine for her knitting projects. I’ve been wet plying the yarn and using my click reel to measure and skein the finished yarn.

The first is a 3-ply linen of red, gray and black. The actual colors are about halfway between these two pictures.

linen yarn on click reel

Big skeins I wind on my click reel.

plied linen yarn

red, black and gray plied

Next is a 4-ply light gray, orange, hot pink, and light chartreuse. I like the way the two bright colors joined to contrast the two lighter colors, but it’s hard to see from the picture.

linen yarn plied

gray, hot pink, orange, and light chartreuse

And then there is a picture of the first skein of the ultra thin skein that I wound, it tangled and broke when using my swift with my ball winder, I finally wound the rest of it by hand onto a cone and haven’t started plying that combination yet. I did wind another set of four cakes tonight so will soon have another colorway plying on my wheel.

linen yarn

really fine linen yarn, ready to ply